• Size Sewer plant serving approximately 35,000 people | Provided emergency flood repair, maintenance and emergency services and since 2009 we have completed extensive renovation work to protect the facility in the event of a future flood. Tank expansion project | Renovation at the existing treatment facility area, including power control, lighting and motor control in a Class 1 Div 1 explosion–proof environment Switchgear repair and replacement | Replacement of the existing Main Service damaged during the flood Switchgear and generator upgrade | Relocation of the new switchgear and installation of redundant emergency generators on elevated platforms
    • Type of Project Industrial
    • Client Lower Lackawanna Valley Sanitation Authority

Lower Lackawanna Valley Sanitation Authority

Scope of Work

In August of 2011, Hurricane Irene submerged the LLVSA sewer plant under five feet of floodwaters. All back-up emergency systems and utility power were damaged and shut down.

During the outage, we maintained the plant 24 hours a day operating with multiple temporary generators and stand-by equipment and systems. Continuing the flood recovery effort,

Since the flood, Urban Electric has completed several extensive renovation projects to protect the Sewer Authority’s equipment from damage in the event of future flooding.

Their understanding of our business and their customer service is their driving force. As a Sewer Authority, we operate 24/7, 365 days a year. We cannot shut down; we have to stay in business. When we call on them, they respond in a very timely manner and they get us back in business as quickly as possible.

This work has included a tank expansion project, which involved the renovation at the existing treatment facility area, including power distribution, Motor Control Center expansion, and upgrades to the existing automated control systems in a Class 1 Div 1 explosion–proof environment. We also replaced the existing main service switchgear and utility service damaged during the flood, while maintaining the facility on round the clock temporary power in order to keep the facility operational at all times.

Urban Electric worked with the facility staff and FEMA around the clock under a very tight schedule and time frame to get the facility back to permanent power and fully operational during the recovery.

we replaced all flood-damaged electrical distribution equipment and all underground power distribution to each building, as well as all flood-damaged lighting and electrical devices, and repaired the Motor Control Centers located throughout the facility.

Currently, Urban Electric is relocating the switchgear and installing two redundant emergency generators on an 8-foot high elevated steel platform to alleviate any down time to the facility in the event of another major flood.

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Lower Lackawanna Valley Sanitation Authority
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